søndag 28. august 2016

Frequency TV F.S.C.

Tune in to Frequency TV F.S.C.'s debut cassette "Music on Both Sides"! If you do, you'll find 8 slightly leftfield psychedelic electropop tunes on the two sides, brighter hues on one side, darker shades on the other.

The music on "Music on Both Sides" has come out of a fruitful collaboration between The Boatster and Tuesday Knight. The Boatster – DJ, producer, musician and songwriter, and of course the man behind Groobie Tapes' recent release "Blue Highway" (GT003, 2015) – is based in Stavanger, and Tuesday Knight, formerly of The Blind Bats and The Vacuum Dreamers – is based in Oslo.  They first met when The Boatster was hired to engineer the first album by The Vacuum Dreamers (issued on Perfect Pop Records) and established a  longstanding friendship from then on. Despite having somewhat different personalities they had the same sense of humour and shared a love of great pop tunes and an unhealthy taste for absinthe.

Much of the contemporary soundscapes that emerged from The Boatster's mysterious studio in Stavanger seemed to fit perfectly as an urban noir environment for Tuesday Knight's catchy melodies, lyrics and voice, which was recorded in her apartment in Oslo. The joy of invention gave the songs weight and substance and an undefineable atmosphere, with fleeting ghostly echoes  wooing your soul eerily from just beyond your field of vision. A name like The Avalanches has been mentioned in connection with Frequency TV's music. And Tuesday Knight's voice wouldn't be out of place between a Margo Guryan in a space suit, or a Claudia Brücken in her Propaganda suit, or even Rosie Cuckston of Pram, suit yourself.

Check out two of the songs from this new release – "Best Shot" and "How Big Is Your Heart?" – and you'll get a fair idea of what Frequency TV F.S.C. is all about.

To purchase this limited edition cassette, the procedure is fairly simple. Here are the prices, postage included:

Norway/Europe/EU – 10 euro or 100 Norwegian kroner.

World – 12 euro or 125 Norwegian kroner.

Use my Paypal account: tosoer@gmail.com

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