onsdag 9. september 2015

New Release - The Boatsters: Blue Highway (C40)



From the mysterious mist off the west coast of Norway a vessel called Blue Highway appears. For a long time a stowaway called the Boatster was aboard the ship – you could see his shade from time to time, moving in the shadows below deck. However, there is a time for everything, and the Boatster has now stepped up to the helm in broad daylight, practicing the noble art of making West Ghost Experimental music.

There are a few things you ought to know about the Boatster: He has a versatile musical background, having worked on more than 100 releases, as a mixer, producer, or musician, in genres such as Norwegian black metal, American hip hop, low-fi and pure soul and pure pop. He bought a keyboard to emulate the Italian disco scene when he was 6 years old. (He failed.) He bought his first Roland Tr-808 when he was 13, and taught himself to play guitar at about the same age. A legendary jazz pianist taught him how to play the piano. The young Boatster only wanted to learn blues piano. (And one song by Harald Saeverud.) His first band was a Ramones coverband. His only regular work is 4 years as a bell-ringer in a church to finance studies at a music conservatory and a semi-heavy lifestyle as a singer and guitar player in a up and coming poprock band. He has tuned at least 200 pianos in his life, both as a hobby and as a source of income.

You may also want to know this: The Boatster has played more than 500 gigs in Scandinavia, the UK and Europe. He has produced music that has charted hit lists in different countries. He worked on the last recording session ever by the mighty human being Willy B (RIP). At the present, he works as a DJ in the coolest bar in his town. He is one of the Sunday People there. He plays in a band with Arthur Brown's drummer. He also plays in a band with Laurent Petitgand, Wim Wenders' favourite film score composer, and Steven Forward, who has worked with people like Paul McCartney, The Pale Fountains and Brian Eno.

The Boatster is almost living in his studio, and only comes out when he has to be on stage to play guitar. He plays a Telecaster from 1968. He had to travel almost to the North Pole to buy that guitar. Habits: The only thing the Boatster doesn't smoke is menthol cigarettes, and the only thing he doesn't drink is milk.

He is now ready to let loose his first project under the Boatsers name, a C40 cassette album on Groobie Tapes called Blue Highway, on which he has played with buttons and done everything himself. Blue Highway contains a varied brew of 13 songs, from upbeat electrosoul to more moody pieces. The only guest artist is Simmi Boatster, who came to this project from Somalia, Wales and Jæren, lending her voice to the proceedings.

The first edition of Blue Highway is limited to 25 numbered copies in split black and white cassette tapes. Free advice: To make it a permanent part of your music collection before the oceans fall off the earth may not be such a bad idea. When it happens it will be too late.

Two tracks from 'Blue Highway' can be enjoyed here, at Soundcloud:

And the video below is also at Youtube:

Buying options: 
Money to my Paypal account, registered on <tosoer@gmail.com>
Norway: 105 NOK (shipping included)
Europe: 11 euro (shipping included)
World: 13 euro (shipping included)

You can also buy it at Discogs:

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