torsdag 12. februar 2015

The Bus Shelters

THE BUS SHELTERS: Walpurgisnacht (GT001, C30 cassette release)

Groobie Tapes proudly presents: THE BUS SHELTERS! The Bus Shelters is none other than Vegard Syrstad. Having played keyboards with The Jessica Fletchers, The Superman Can Flys, Nutrition Facts and Truls & The Trees (all Norwegian groups displaying different aspects of indie pop, and all having had vinyl records and CDs out), Vegard decided to make some indie pop of his own. It seemed that old style homemade indie was going out of style, so why not try to revitalize it? The thought materialized with these home recordings, begun in 2010, presently assembled as a 30-minute cassette album, bewitchingly called "Walpurgisnacht".

It all came to pass by occasionally recording ideas and layers of sound, and with guitars as the main building blocks. He added spice with his Micro-Korg when needed, and used whatever instruments were at hand when the muse gripped him. The parts slowly grew and merged together, byte by byte, onto the hard disc. And not to forget a thieving expedition in the dark to nab a special rhythm box sound he "just had to have" from an old organ. Surprisingly, at first he wanted a lot of fuzz guitar on these recordings, but ended up with almost no fuzz at all. So we won't try any further explanations of the unexplainable in Vegard's curious recording process. This collection of true indiepop speaks its own language. You're in for songs that will grow on you with repeated listenings, sprinkled with details and signposts that will stay in your mind, a soundscape mildly imprinting itself on your consciousness.

Some influences and sources of inspiration may be mentioned as tags to hang your tweed coat on. The Bus Shelters' name was inspired by a Ruth Miller song (of the criminally neglected British group Po!) just called "Bus Shelter". And Vegard would probably commend your acute mind if you drew up a chart of influences that placed Tiny Tim at one end of the spectrum and Darkthrone at the other, and with The Razorcuts and vintage Norwegian indie pop placed in the middle. With a whiff of Ghost Box here and there. Whether these bright and dark reference points are detectable in the music must be for the listener to decide.

"Walpurgisnacht" has become a rare combination of feathery indiepop and more brooding electronic experiments – from retrofuturistic behind-the-Iron-Curtain lounge melancholia, which of course is considered the new cool, to fluffy butterflyness and doom-laden lyrics about death, which is the even cooler new cool.

So, dear all, roll up for the debut of The Bus Shelters, now available from Groobie Tapes.

The Bus Shelters tape in early winter morning light
at the Groobie Tapes home office.


Very few copies of these limited edition tapes have been made (20-25 copies), so you will have to check availability with me before you order. Drop me a line at <> and tell me your wants, and I will get back to you on total costs and how to pay through PayPal, OK?

(New 2nd editions will probably be available soon, in slightly different covers and cassette colors.)

The price is 70 NOK (Norwegian Kroner) for each cassette (appr. 9 USD / 6 GBP).

The postage rates look like this:
NORWAY: NOK 35 for 1-5 cassettes (USD 4.60 / GBP 3.0)
EUROPE: NOK 45 for 1-5 cassettes (USD 5.90 / GBP 3.85)
WORLD: NOK 60 for 1-5 cassettes (USD 7.85 / GBP 5.15)

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