mandag 23. februar 2015


We are pleased to announce that brand new editions of both The Bus Shelters' and Monobird's cassettes have been manufactured (or man-factoried) in our living room factory and are now ready for the journey to you – or you – or you – or you – or maybe you too? – or to any other you's out there. (We are also pleased to refer to ourselves in the third person again – it always pleases us.) We are even more pleased that the first run of our releases sold out so fast. A real sell-out! The payment method worked fine, so please read below before ordering.

Very few copies of these limited edition tapes have been made (20-25 copies), so you will have to check availability with me before you order. Drop me a line at <> and tell me your wants, and I will get back to you on total costs and how to pay through PayPal, OK?

The price is 70 NOK (Norwegian Kroner) for each cassette (appr. 9 USD / 6 GBP).

The postage rates look like this:
NORWAY: NOK 35 for 1-5 cassettes (USD 4.60 / GBP 3.0)
EUROPE: NOK 45 for 1-5 cassettes (USD 5.90 / GBP 3.85)
WORLD: NOK 60 for 1-5 cassettes (USD 7.85 / GBP 5.15)

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