torsdag 12. februar 2015


MONOBIRD In Shapeless Form (GT002 C40 cassette release)

Monobird's earlier flights in the world of music should be well-known: He was a founder member of The Loch Ness Mouse, had a solo 7" out on Oslo Grammofon in 2008, and a full-length solo CD under the name Jørn Åleskjær in 2012 on VME. He has also written songs for other artists, notably Ladybug Transistor (US) and I Was A King (NOR). But a deeper delving into ornithology reveals that Monobird has more feathers than has previously been known or shown to the public. For a good number of years he has recorded ideas at home, literally hundreds of them. We're tempted to call them 'monograms', as they all come with Monobird's characteristic stamp, partly improvised in a hurry, done in his "time off", in various moods and holiday settings, recorded on simple equipment far away from studio perfection. So, warned about this lo-fi warts'n'all-atmosphere at the outset, we'd say that the best way to approach this set of 17 monograms from Monobird is to expect the unexpected. If you're on, you're in for a lively and divergent melange of songs with many flavours, played and performed with sprawling abandon and restless unruliness, recorded for fun, or to remember the riffs and tunes that came fluttering on the wind. You'll find stray thoughts and serious stuff, ideas to play around with and sketches for private use or to be spread among friends and relatives – parodies and pensiveness – more often than not with an ironic distance to iconic rock.

These cuts were picked by Groobie Tapes from a vast pile of material, and have never been officially released, since they were not recorded with that in mind in the first place. But some of them, especially those extracted from a concept album called “Parallels and Proselytes in Animal Town(vaguely inspired by Mark Wirtz’ “Teenage Opera” of the 1960's) were distributed on CD-R by Oslo Grammofon in 2006 in 25 copies. Other songs on this cassette are more recent stuff, done as late as January 2015, in Monobird’s upgraded basement studio. So listen up, folks, and enjoy this rare trip down to Monobird's basement and see what we found there!


Very few copies of these limited edition tapes have been made (20-25 copies), so you will have to check availability with me before you order. Drop me a line at <> and tell me your wants, and I will get back to you on total costs and how to pay through PayPal, OK?

(New 2nd editions will probably be available soon, in slightly different covers and cassette colors.)

The price is 70 NOK (Norwegian Kroner) for each cassette (appr. 9 USD / 6 GBP).

The postage rates look like this:
NORWAY: NOK 35 for 1-5 cassettes (USD 4.60 / GBP 3.0)
EUROPE: NOK 45 for 1-5 cassettes (USD 5.90 / GBP 3.85)
WORLD: NOK 60 for 1-5 cassettes (USD 7.85 / GBP 5.15)

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